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Jamboard License Annual management and support fee

$ 600.00

This item requires a google license to be purchased. Buying a license entitles support for all software issues covered under the Technical Support Service Guidelines.
If you need to purchase without a license, send an email to [email protected]

Primary Domain name that the Chrome Management Licenses will be provisioned to. You must own the domain provided. Cannot be a Free (or Standard) Google Domain for Chromebox for Meetings. Licenses are not transferable to other domains.

Cannot be from the domain above. Your confirmation email(s) will be sent to this address.

Google Order Processing Requirements

This End User form is used to accurately process your order with Google so the licenses being purchased are provisioned in the correct domain. Console licenses CANNOT be refunded, changed, re-distributed and must be provisioned in the correct Google Apps domain at the time of order. Please complete the below form electronically.

End User Google Admin responsible for Google Apps account

The domain you use as the primary domain in G Suite

Must be different from Google Apps Domain. Required as a security measure by Google in the event admin gets locked out of admin console (password reset, etc.)

You need one management license for each Jamboard

You can buy a license annually — either directly from Google or your reseller. Licenses cost USD 600 per year.

Purchase and activate Jamboard licenses on your primary domain, not on secondary or alias domains. If you have more than one Jamboard in your domain, the licenses are transferable among them. If you return one board, you can use an existing license in your domain for the new board you receive.